Frequently Asked Questions

When you suffer from Gout, there are countless questions that you might have. You might first learn about Gout because you are diagnosed, and want to know what Gout is. Then you might want to know how bad it can get, what kind of symptoms you might experience in the future. Are there any natural treatment methods to gout, and what are the best methods? There are a ton of possible questions, and we strive to answer all your questions as best as possible.

What is the Difference between Signs & Symptoms?

Recognizing a Gout attack requires some understanding on what to look out for. In the case of gout, like many diseases it can produce both signs and symptoms. It's important to distinguish the two so you can properly assess your current condition.

Is Gout Related To Genetics

It's quite a complicated question actually. Gout is related to genetics, but genetics alone do not determine the severity of Gout. Just because you have the genetics for it does not mean you will get Gout. Please see this post for more information.

What is better between Febuxostat and Allopurinol?

They actually both have different purposes, and are both commonly used. Allopurinol is the most widely used and prescribed urate lowering medication for Gout. We covered it quite extensively at Febuxostat vs Allopurinol, so you can see the real differences.

What effect do eggs have on uric acid levels?

Many forms of protein are high in purine so it's difficult for gout sufferers to find a way to find proteins they can safely eat. Eggs can be eaten, but it's best to know what to look for, and to know how much you should be eating. We covered it more in depth on Effect of Eggs on Uric Acid Levels"

What effect do grapefruits have on uric acid levels?

Grapefruits are a common citrus fruit that many gout sufferers love. They are high in Vitamin C which can help someone who has gout. Please see Does Grapefruit Lower Our Uric Acid Levels for more info.

Is Baking Soda Good For The Treatment of Gout?

People usually suffer from Gout when they have an excess of uric acid that their body is unable to expel. Please see Baking Soda For Gout Treatment

Is Ankle Swelling Gout?

There are many causes of ankle swelling, and Gout is merely one of them. We cover it more in depth at Is Ankle Swelling Gout?

Can I add baking soda to my coffee??

One of the most common natural Gout treatments that people try is consuming baking soda. Many people want to have baking soda with their morning coffee. We cover this in Adding Sodium Bicarbonate To Coffee (does it help against gout what are the benefits?

What are some Natural Adaptogenic Herbs For Gout?

When you have Gout, you do not necessarily need prescription medications. There are many adaptogenic herbs that people have been taking for their Gout. To see some of the more popular ones please click Adaptogenic Herbs For Gout.

Are Cherries Good for Gout?

Comprehensive article on cherries and list of frequently asked questions about cherries and gout. Read more.

Finding The Right Supplement for Gout?

Dietary supplements are popular choice when it comes to gout pain relief. If you are looking for gout supplement make sure to read our comprehensive article on supplements. Read more.

Benefits of Bromelain for Gout Sufferers

Discover how bromelain can help against different forms of gout flare ups. Read more.

Using Apple Cider Vinegar Home Remedy

Learn how you can use apple cider vinegar as home remedy for gout relief. Read more.

Benefits of Quercetin for Gout

Learn how quercetin can help against gout flare ups. Read more.

Benefits of Celery

Learn the benefits of celery and how it can prevent gout attacks. Read more.

Ginger and Gout

Learn what makes ginger help with gout.Read more.

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What are some supplements I can take for Gout?

The following are some supplements, and pages that you can read about them: